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Natale A Miami..Vanessa Hessler (born 21 January 1988) is an Italian model and actress of American descent. She has been a model since she was 15, and has appeared in many publications throughout Italy and Germany.Hessler appeared in the 2005 film Christmas in Miami (Italian: Natale a Miami), along with Christian De Sica, and consequently her popularity soared. She plays Greek princess, Irina, in the 2008 Asterix at the Olympic Games (French: Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques), a film that also stars Alain Delon and Gérard Depardieu. She also plays the leading female role in Per Una Notte d'Amore

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adam yüz yılın ılıgı çıkdı rıza baba O.o
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I think their speaking italian..not sure but i play assassin creed 2 and
some of these words their saying are some i hear in assassin creed
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I live in the uk
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So superb
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lucky guy. me jealous
natalie a mianmi ^^ ( 11 months ago by Kỳ Lê)
natalie a mianmi ^^
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Хуясе... Я бы тоже так хотел.
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best sexy girl very good
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in spanish?
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Third time in my history of youtubeing I'm here. It always wierds me out.
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