The Best Sexy Girl Vanessa Hessler..

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Natale A Miami..Vanessa Hessler (born 21 January 1988) is an Italian model and actress of American descent. She has been a model since she was 15, and has appeared in many publications throughout Italy and Germany.Hessler appeared in the 2005 film Christmas in Miami (Italian: Natale a Miami), along with Christian De Sica, and consequently her popularity soared. She plays Greek princess, Irina, in the 2008 Asterix at the Olympic Games (French: Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques), a film that also stars Alain Delon and Gérard Depardieu. She also plays the leading female role in Per Una Notte d'Amore

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is that father? ( 1 week ago by nikki javien)
is that father?
SUCH A SEXY GIRL ( 1 week ago by li-dor Shrensky)
Да, фильм про секс, ... ( 1 month ago by Ирина Воронина)
Да, фильм про секс, но откровенных сексуальных сцен я в нем не обнаружила!
Where Have I ... ( 3 weeks ago by Henry Placencia)
Where Have I wondered to o.o
Bello ogni volta lo ... ( 4 weeks ago by luana trevisan)
Bello ogni volta lo guardo mi diverte sempre
Hey guys hit me up ... ( 3 weeks ago by Nicholas Anello)
Hey guys hit me up I'm new on YouTube and just posted new videos 
79 120 697 я просто ... ( 2 weeks ago by Andrew Fatahov)
79 120 697 я просто не мог не посмотреть))
I understand ... ( 2 weeks ago by Nightmare Jack)
I understand Spanish and the girl is saying very sexual things :O
??????????? Sexy ... ( 4 weeks ago by Serg SergSerg)
??????????? Sexy Girl ??????????
ma come ti salta in ... ( 3 weeks ago by juan ortega)
ma come ti salta in mente di mettere delle musiche che sovrastano i
dialoghi ? 
Entweder man löscht ... ( 1 week ago by MegaViking 1969)
Entweder man löscht die Dialoge ganz raus oder man lässt die Musik weg!
Beides zusammen laufen zu lassen aber ist absoluter Murks!
11 975 женщин ... ( 2 weeks ago by Andrew Fatahov)
11 975 женщин посмотрели и прослезились)))
I thought was ... ( 1 week ago by Michael Salas)
I thought was supposed to be a comedy video.....
ROMANCE AND SEX ... ( 1 week ago by Murthuja patan)
vay amına koim bee ... ( 1 month ago by Said Kara)
vay amına koim bee :O
Finally this solar ... ( 1 week ago by dong joon oh)
Finally this solar system entered 'The photon belt of Alcyone star'
2014. IT happen every 26000 years according to Mayan calender. Now
magnetic field of the planet is beginning to change rapidly as well as
countless civilizations of ET.are watching the great cosmic event, hoping
to help us with all their heart. Soon 'Historical first contact'
will happen as Edgar Cayce predicted. Happy new spiritual
Watched the whole ... ( 2 months ago by London Biker)
Watched the whole thing. Didn't understand a word but I didn't need to...
Array ( 1 month ago by Fulca)
name of first song>?
wtf? i need ... ( 3 months ago by Ash Darkstar)
wtf? i need translation.
is that her father?
Who is the Blonde ... ( 2 months ago by Tom Ewing)
Who is the Blonde Lady in the beach scene? She doesn't seem to be credited
in the Film.
hihihi tipico ... ( 3 months ago by gobbiize)
hihihi tipico Italiano....bravo Christian De Sica...bravo come era il suo
What's up with the ... ( 2 months ago by Jim Moriarty)
What's up with the irritating music? 

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