Bulleh shah: mera raanjhan: pathaney khan میرا رانجھن ہُن: بُلہے شاہ

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The Poet: Abdullah Shah عبداللہ شاہ was born c. 1680 in village Uchch Gilanian اچ گیلانیاں in Bahawalpur بہاولپور (currently in Punjab, Pakistan). Since Abdullah is called Bullah بُلّہا in rural Punjabi, he was called Bulleh Shah بلہے شاہ or Bullah بلہا. His father was Shah Muhammad Darwaish شاہ محمّد درویش , who was well educated in Arabic, Farsi, and the Quran. His ancestors immigrated from Bukhara بخارا (currently in Uzbekistan). When Bulleh Shah was about six months old, his parents relocated to Malakwal ملکوال (now in District Sahiwal ساہیوال). There his father was an imam masjid امام مسجد (person who leads prayers) in the village mosque and a teacher. He later got a job in village Pandoke Bhattian پنڈوکے بھٹّیاں, about 25 kilometers southeast of Kasur قصور, currently in Punjab پنجاب, Pakistan. He is also buried there. Bulleh Shah received his early schooling in Pandoke, and later moved to Kasur for higher education. There he was a student of Ghulam Murtaza غلام مرتضی and Mohiyuddin محی الدّین. His murshid or spiritual teacher was the Sufi saint, Shah Inayat Qadri شاہ عنایت قادری. Shah Inayat used to earn his living through farming. He first lived in Kasur and then moved to Lahore لاہور (now capital of the largest province in Pakistan, Punjab), where he is buried. Due to this fact, Bulleh Shah uses the term Takht Lahore تخت لاہور, or the throne of Lahore in his poetry. Bulleh Shah passed away in 1757, and his tomb is in Kasur. For his poetry, he uses the Kafi کافی form of poem, also commonly used in Saraiki and Sindhi.
The Singer: Pathaney Khan پٹھانے خان was born in mid 1920's in Kot Addu کوٹ ادو , District Muzaffargarh مظفر گڑھ (Punjab, Pakistan, then in British India). He mostly sang sufi poetry, including poems (kafis) of Khuwaja Ghulam Farid on radio and television in Pakistan for over 25 years. He also sang Urdu ghazals. He was (and still is) very popular, especially in the Saraiki areas which form the Southern third of Western (Pakistani) Punjab. He was awarded the Pride of Performance Award in 1979. He was a simple man who never cared about money throughout his life. He was very ill in his final years and his financial position was not good. He passed away on 9 March 2000. He put his soul into his singing, which makes a lot of people happy.
خاموش تماشائی

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Sorry but most ... ( 1 year ago by J4archae)
Sorry but most damage to subcontinent and Punjab was done by racist Hindus,
who destroyed the cultures and tried to impose their racist class system
ideologies on others. This is why there is no true Punjabi culture and
language left in India.
sucha soda ahe hay ( 3 years ago by Suhail Burney)
sucha soda ahe hay
wah kia baat hai ( 5 years ago by naxar99)
wah kia baat hai
wht does goor mean ... ( 4 years ago by Yagmai1)
wht does goor mean in the last line?
Bulleh Shah says " ... ( 3 years ago by Umair Khurshid)
Bulleh Shah says " Asaaan merna nahi , gor paya koi hor " .. because he
had attained the Rank ov "Baqa Billah" in sufism .....
Punjab, the land of ... ( 1 year ago by Harpreet Toor)
Punjab, the land of braves is being torn in a partisan fight. We are all
forgetting our heritage and these great singers are a reminder to us or
shall I say that it is a wake up call.
great music, great ... ( 4 years ago by Wasif Altaf)
great music, great poetry, all calms and happiness.
Bulleh Shah’s life ... ( 2 years ago by Sanwal Saraiki)
Bulleh Shah’s life history proves that, born into a Saraiki family, his
mother tongue was definitely Saraiki & no one forgets his mother tongue.
Surely, he must have composed his kalaam in Saraiki which was later
plagiarized and converted into Punjabi, same way they did with Baba Farid
Shakar Ganj’s kalaam. This is literary crime which some people are still
doing it & changing words and accent of Saraiki kalaam while they sing. Now
we shall have to redeem original Saraiki kalaam of Bulleh Shah.
dhoor ka kiya mat ... ( 4 years ago by abidshaheen)
dhoor ka kiya mat lab he?
cool i love this ( 5 years ago by SuperBIGGIE786)
cool i love this
@Yagmai1 Gor گور in ... ( 4 years ago by Tariq Akbar)
@Yagmai1 Gor گور in Farsi means a grave.
Kamaal ho gaie ... ... ( 3 years ago by Adeel Qayyum)
Kamaal ho gaie ...Kamaallll
Subhan ALLAH ( 5 years ago by JHOOLAYLAL)
Subhan ALLAH
Thank you for your ... ( 5 years ago by Tariq Akbar)
Thank you for your comments.
Hindus are ... ( 1 year ago by Zahid Ahmad)
Hindus are themselves Punjabis cannot not responsible for the destruction
of Punjabi culture. Punjab and its cultural heritage is too big to be
destroyed by anyone. In due course it will be the Punjabi that will
assimilate Urdu and Hindi and still exist in a modernized form. Punjabi is
not in danger at all.
BEAUTIFUL . VERY ... ( 2 years ago by Tauseef Ahmad)
Get a life @ sanwal ... ( 1 year ago by asif azam)
Get a life @ sanwal saraiki Language doesnt matter what matter is the
essense of the poetry and thatmwemall can feel... relax and enjoy the
trance of this magnificent piece of art
lovely all of ur ... ( 4 years ago by khan00411)
lovely all of ur hard work i like to meet u
boht alla yr may ... ( 4 years ago by aamish kamal)
boht alla yr may ALLAH success u in dunya n akhrat
@Milahi1935 Tusi ... ( 3 years ago by tmjatala)
@Milahi1935 Tusi bilkul sahiaakhiya ae . Punjab ch Punjabi , Punjabi
culture te literature nun Angrezan di qaim kerda rawaiyat de mutabiq
jistara khudday line laya gya da a edi misal Duniya ch hor naen mildi ,
Sanu Alien language , alien literature te alien history paRha k sadiyan
naslan nun be shanakhta ker ditta gya a . Saday hero o ne jinna bahron aa k
sanu luttiya te es dharti de ghazi te shaheed nisaban tun baar ne . J
Punjab te Punjabi di puchan a Pathanay Khan jaye fukaran de dam naal
@tmjatala Janaab ... ( 3 years ago by Milahi1935)
@tmjatala Janaab the shukria. Angraizan kole koi acha writer naheen.
Shakespeare medium gallan karda see. Sirif Bernard Shaw nay kuch achiaan
galaan likhian nay. Bulleh da muqabala hor kissay ne naheen kieta. Ghalib
ney kuch achian cheesan likhian ney. Bulleh no parrho tay insaan the aqqal
wadh di hay. Par buuleh tay ammal karna barra mushkil hay or mushkil we
thnks for the vedio ( 5 years ago by Nabeel Younis)
thnks for the vedio
Bohat Khoob ( 2 months ago by parviz sani)
Bohat Khoob

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