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Comments for this video on YouTube
Thanks for the ... ( 6 years ago by JiebFanclub)
Thanks for the subbs! I really like Noon and Paul together, I love the
theme song<3
dan i couldnt barly ... ( 6 years ago by tseemmuajkoj)
dan i couldnt barly see the word cause the writing is too light..could ya
change it so it could be in black,,...thankx hahha.....
Sooo dramatic haha, ... ( 2 years ago by Zappaman88)
Sooo dramatic haha, love it !
the sub is blurry.. ... ( 3 years ago by lilaznmtdgurl)
the sub is blurry.. but thanks!!
hi, i was wondering ... ( 7 years ago by pianoaddict772)
hi, i was wondering if these are up for download instead of streamming...
This movie look ... ( 5 years ago by SatreyThevy2o9)
This movie look interesting. But I need to finish bunch of other first
before I start on this. Thx u so much for Eng Sub and uploading!
Appreciated ur work!!
anyone knows ... ( 6 years ago by esthermeifang)
anyone knows another better website than youtube that has eng subtitles for
this show?
@mimysuria After ... ( 4 years ago by jamieguo42)
@mimysuria After her parents' deaths, Palai decided to find evidence that
her parents' deaths was not accidental, but actually murder. Palai's out to
find evidence that her aunt and Siva's father were the one who took
everything from her. Palai threatened Siva(Paul) that she was going to send
all the information on her website about his dad's corruption to the
newspaper if he doesn't marry her. If he marries her, she will give him the
CODE to the website.
Oo that maid is one ... ( 6 years ago by ChristaLovesDrama)
Oo that maid is one of the silly P's from 'Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong' haha
thinking of it makes me laugh....'10 husbands for 10 nights hahaha' Thanks
for uploading
which country is it ... ( 7 years ago by barzawa)
which country is it from?
im planning to do ... ( 7 years ago by animegal09)
im planning to do that when im free.but now, im not so free...but in the
later parts, the subs are better
it looks interesting ( 6 years ago by Shizuka Vang)
it looks interesting
get em noon! ugh!! ( 7 years ago by yayableu)
get em noon! ugh!!
thank u for subbing ... ( 7 years ago by IceRainy)
thank u for subbing^^
This was such a ... ( 7 years ago by adreamingrl)
This was such a good lakorn!! I watched it dubbed in Khmer but I wouldn't
mind watching it again in subtitles.
i love you so much. ... ( 7 years ago by lakorns)
i love you so much... thanks for the wonderful subs!
pra ek and nung ek ... ( 7 years ago by Moot Vignarath)
pra ek and nung ek so mean to eachother..
XOXO, thank U. ( 6 years ago by mycrystaltears)
XOXO, thank U.
The drama looks ... ( 6 years ago by 54spiritedwill54)
The drama looks good.
Wow there a lot of ... ( 6 years ago by Nkauj Hmoob Yaj)
Wow there a lot of esp...Lolz...i hope i'm not get tried of
can you see the ... ( 7 years ago by animegal09)
can you see the subbing? i thought it was really blur. I'm redo-ing the
subs for the next parts. do you want me to redo the first and second parts
Ooh! Interesting!!. ... ( 7 years ago by shinhwajjang)
Ooh! Interesting!!..'but wait, when she goes to tell him to marry her in
the beginning...i'm kinda lost. Is it because she wants to get back at HIS
family or was it to clear her family name or...? explain...LOL haha!
THANKS!! & the subs are PERFECT!
Thanks 4 da upload ... ( 6 years ago by tanyaSN)
Thanks 4 da upload and sub....u did a gud job...will u b able 2 finish da
rest of da lakorn....?? thnks

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