Garry's Mod - Roller Coaster Builder

Uploaded by: adzicents
Video Description:
A very early version of what me and a friend Adrian are coding, at the request of another friend bld.
This will basically be a stool that allows you to build roller coasters à la Roller Coaster Tycoon.
Will keep up to date, we've hit a roadblock here.

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Comments for this video on YouTube
WHAT BUTTON DO YOU ... ( 3 years ago by yuckreesefilms117)
@yuckreesefilms117 ... ( 3 years ago by TheMim31)
@yuckreesefilms117 wow noob
@k1ttys nope ( 3 years ago by adzicents)
@k1ttys nope
link!!! or how to ... ( 3 years ago by El Jodido Puto Amo)
link!!! or how to create????? pleasE!!!
@yuckreesefilms117 ... ( 3 years ago by ebon rudie)
@yuckreesefilms117 you probably know since it was 3 weeks ago but it's v
Where can I ... ( 4 years ago by Zuzzrawr)
Where can I download it? Looks nice.
wow man you must ... ( 5 years ago by XRunnerGuy)
wow man you must make a tutorial on how to code like that jesus please do a
@yuckreesefilms117 ... ( 3 years ago by senshi2754)
@yuckreesefilms117 V
Garry's mod or GMod ... ( 5 years ago by Andrew Johnston)
Garry's mod or GMod for short, is a game that you can use on TF2, HL2 and
most other Valve games to create custom maps and such, some people add on
to GMod to make it even better, like Adzi is doing with this.
what the.. how u ... ( 4 years ago by Jani Hottinen)
what the.. how u can add those rollercoaster partss like that? I WANNA TOO
good job man, ... ( 5 years ago by Andrew Johnston)
good job man, didn't know you did coding... NERRRRRRRRDDDDD!!!! (lololol I
be kidding) /me prepares to get flamed on BH.
is this gmod 11? ( 1 year ago by Mauro Designz)
is this gmod 11?
how do you make the ... ( 3 years ago by charlesleroi12)
how do you make the perfect joints?
how do you connect ... ( 2 years ago by Charlienafea)
how do you connect it together really fast adzicents
whats garry's mod? ( 5 years ago by SkootSucksAtLife)
whats garry's mod?
@adzicents thanks ... ( 3 years ago by k1ttys)
@adzicents thanks for replaying and was it hard to start this coding cause
i really want this tool and i would like to have the mod so i can finish it
(giving you all the credit )
How do you get the ... ( 1 year ago by Chase Dunn)
How do you get the perfect joint thing
Release an open ... ( 2 years ago by Adam Dodson)
Release an open source, now.
hey adzicents was ... ( 3 years ago by k1ttys)
hey adzicents was this ever completed
how do you auto ... ( 3 years ago by tyw522)
how do you auto connect the roller coaster pieces together?
very cool :) will ... ( 5 years ago by Darkmaster2110)
very cool :) will be using this when it's done :D

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